Send Us Your Artwork
1. Check all files for viruses. We will not accept any files that contain viruses.

2. Submit ONE upload file per email.
Please do not include multiple pages in your files. Send each as an individual file.

3. Support your file with a fax.
Please include your company name, contact name and phone number on the fax. The fax will be
used to ensure that the transmitted file is exactly what you were trying to transmit. When you are
faxing a copy of your artwork, it will appear in black and white to us. Therefore, if your artwork is
in color, please include color placement notes on the fax as well. The information you include on
the fax will be used to match the upload file information with your fax, for quicker service.
Davis Graphics utilizes graphic applications for PC. Please refer to the following specifications
when preparing to send your artwork. If using a Macintosh, refer to the section, "Sending
Macintosh Files".
__  Photoshop CS2 or less
__ TIFF or PSD file is to size or larger than size of imprint with standard 1/8" margins for image
bleed and inside imprint margins.

   __ CMYK / grayscale 350 dpi (72-299 dpi is poor quality / 300 dpi minimum)
   __ Bitmap 1200 dpi recommended
NOTE: We do not recommend setting type in PhotoShop, especially in CMYK and grayscale
files, as the lower resolution of these files results in fuzzy or jagged type.
Corel Draw X3 or less
__ Vector files are great files for sportswear.
If you cannot send a vector file, some work will need to be done.
__ All text converted to curves *

*NOTE: If you do not convert text to vector art, both screen and printer font files for all fonts
used must be provided. Color shifting may occur on four color process items. If exporting from
Corel, use EPS format NOT Illustrator.

__ Art fits minimum 1/8" margin (1/4" for note pads, memo boards, & larger magnets).
__ Art has image bleeds (fits minimum 1/8" margin for interior live area and allows minimum
1/8" excess for bleed).
Please attach your artwork file to an email.
Mention the product you like, quantity, product color, Imprint color(s), and event date.
Please allow 7-10 working from customer approval for most products.

You will receive a proof and a price for your approval, before going into production.
__  MS Word
For text files you may send your Word files.